Lees Precast Concrete

Creation and sales of concrete septic tanks, well casings and related products on Vancouver Island. Low assembly cost - the Singulair plant may be installed to treat all home wastewater at a cost comparable to that of a septic system. Whether for commercial development or residential projects, precast concrete septic tanks and circulation boxes will be the solutions of preference for on-site wastewater treatment system applications. There is a wide selection of products and accessories to be given a septic system. This presents a new income chance for your store!
In the late 1960's William & Michael Kiely commenced to produce pre-cast concrete septic tanks. They soon became the major supplier of septic tanks in the Munster region. We have an enormous range of ‘'semi-dry'' and ‘'wet-cast'' products which we supply to every sector of UK industry imaginable. We have clients including small start ups, private individuals and international blue chip businesses. Every customer is cherished and each one gets the highest possible degree of personal and professional service.concrete septic tank risers
Precast cement bridge slabs are exquisite for crossing over drainage ditches and can be purchased to your required width and period. Strong and durable, bridge slabs are capable of taking heavy weights plus they last many years before they require any maintenance. The CEN standard, also adopted by the NSAI, specifies a range of requirements and test methods with regards to septic reservoir design and performance; specifically water-tightness, capacity, hydraulic efficiency and structural behaviour, and operates as a standard for systems throughout Ireland and across Europe.
Foss also produces cisterns for water safe-keeping in sizes up to 15,000 gallons for many applications, including irrigation cisterns, fire cisterns, and sprinkler cisterns. Our durable, watertight cisterns are a long-lasting alternative to wells and other non-watertight receptacles. We give a nationwide following day delivery service and also a global service is obviously available (please enquire for even more details).
Concrete septic tanks are more advanced than fiberglass or plastic because they're watertight and durable, making it the perfect preferred storage vessel for on-site septic storage space and treatment. Consistent, ongoing joint dimension and trials, three border bearing strength testing and physical inspection of the forms, the reinforcement and the completed products provides you the assurance that quality is cast into the products you obtain from LCG.

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